Poor 433 Mhz reception

My Homey 2023 seems to have very poor 433 Mhz reception. I have a bunch of Nexa LWST-605 buttons/transmitters, and Homey has trouble picking these up, even if they are within 3-4 meters of the Homey. I did not have these issues picking up the signals from the same transmitters with my Tellstick Duo, when using Home Assistant with telldus-core for local control.

Is this a known issue? Are there fixes? I’ve already had to move my Homey out from my “home lab” in the closet, to increase the range to not be completely unusable with these 433 switches.

Homey does not seem to have any issues (so far) with transmitting to receivers placed in the same room as the transmitters.

Is there any way to debug or enable logging for what Homey sees in the 433 range, besides the tool in Homey Developer Tools ?

Running telldus-core raw event streaming side by side to a log-instrumented version of the Nexa app (payloadToCommand e.g.) shows that Homey fails to receive events from the remote now and then, that are picked up by the Tellstick Duo.

Don’t know if this has to do with the timings and other signal data in the Nexa app that are off, or if the issue is on the HW or general 443 SW side of the Homey.

Agree to this. Sending is ok, but receiving 433 is really not ok.

We recommend using sensors, buttons, and remotes, which send their commands to Homey, mainly in the same room Homey’s in, as their range is typically more limited.

Check the location of Homey and the material it sits on, while it’s antenna’s are positioned at the bottom :woozy_face:

And even rotating Homey can work some magic. But I found by moving my KAKU button it has some dead spots in the bedroom. Moving it an inch and it works.

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Thanks all! I’ve moved it a bit, and will monitor closely and compare with my TellStick Duo to see if they mismatch.

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Worth a shot, costs € 0,- :
I’ve read about a tado bridge’s range being extended, by placing it upwards, and placing a piece of alu foil at the side where signals aren’t transmitted/received

It would be nice if RFlink was supported (via wifi) as a ‘range extender’…

Still an issue, also after trying to use my 96W MBP charger rated at 3A at 5.2V.

Not a problem with the app itself, as it’s reproducible with the 433 dev tools:

The distance from the switch to Homey is 3-4 meters of direct line of sight: