[POLL] How many apps you have installed

Would like to know how many apps we have installed.
Plz be aware your votes are shown public on the forum!

  • Less then 8
  • 8
  • Between 9 and 20
  • Between 21 and 30
  • Between 31 and 40
  • Between 41 and 50
  • More then 50

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Personally I’m trying to keep number of apps as low as possible. Each app is a potential problem in my head. :smiley: :smiley:

I get what u mean. But i still think it’s ok to have a lot of apps installed just because i have no problems with it. Did not hear peeps complaining about it also. The warning is “…could be slower or not reacting anymore” so there is a possibility it could happen.

I get that message and I dont dare add more

Whats so special about 8 apps Roco :stuck_out_tongue:

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Any idea why I see this warning with just 16 apps while others can run 40+ ?

Yes. Just to protect themselfs for issues reported which COULD be caused by the number of apps. Not gonna happen but companies have been sued for less so. Am running 54 apps here and no trouble doing that.