Plugwise Source App

version 2.0.5 published in the app store with crash bug fixes for Homey firmware V2

app store plugwise source app


03-02-2019 v 2.0.5 removed bugs that caused immedate crash in V2. the drivers loaded to slow in v2 so some objects were not ready in the app.js

but i still see a lot of crash reports of V2.0.4 , please update the app , i dont know who is out there

if update on mobile is not working use the option to update on the working
good old desktop compatible website

Thanks for your good work @nattelip

VSame problems seems to be back? My Homey has been running fine for month and suddenly Plugwise source app stopped working. Rebooted homey, reinstalled the app. Same problem

After restarted Plugwise on my computer the Homey app works ?!
So everything is fine !

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Seems very odd that restarting something on your computer made the Homey app working again. Can it be that it has to do with signing in or something like that?

I agree, but maybe it could be that the App in Homey didnt get connected with the Plugewise server and didnt have an errormessage for that and crashed the Homey app ?

Dear All,

I installed the app and i can see all Plugs but i am missing the two plugs that are connected to my solar panels.Any idea why they do not work al do i see them in my plugewise server

Are they normal circles, plugs is another newer zigbee plugwise product?

They are normal circles.So all are the same and i see all other except for these two.
Could it because if i look into the plugwise server they have the - sign infront of it ?
So i see there -kWh

I only know iif yoy look in the xml file plugwise server uses, and my app uses,
I am in the nature so don’t know which can tell you tonight

can you open the webserver of your plugwise server , you have to activate the webserver in the program website , you must havev otherwise homey cant read the xml file

the plugwise server is eg 85. i need the webpage , not the file on your disk thats only a template plugwise uses

Plugwise app in Homey keeps crashing.
And wont start beacuse undefined values.

plugwise source doesnt work anymore with Homey V5 , the settings of the app are lost even if you install the app fresh from the app store. it is not a zigbee app so more has changed in Homey v5.

Since the app uses SDKv2, it should work as-is. If it doesn’t, you should report to Athom that v5 broke it.

fixed after the homey firmware update to 5.0.0-rc27, so the app works again in homy firmware v5