Plugwise circles on homey pro 2023

I installed the 2Py on a raspberry pi 3 b. So far so good: the software seems to work, and the webserver on port 8000 is responding at least something. But:
Plugs are not found, also not by homeyPro 2023 (ip adress configured in app settings, test OK)
Port 1883 Mqtt is not responding in browser

I checked at the raspberry wheather the plugwise stick is on USB0, it is.
I opened port 1883 in the firewall of the browser

What else could be wrong? Thanks in advance!

Is this Homey related?
Can you reveal the app(s) name? That would help I think.

Can you explain what you’re trying to do, because it doesn’t really make sense.

For one, MQTT is not a protocol that you can open in a regular browser.

It is the Plugwise-2-Py app:

I followed these instructions:

Sorry, I am a newbee…the app shows no errors.

The logfile on the Raspberry shows:

Strangely the shown adress of one circle is E00D6F0000998C7E, as the input of the adress is 000D6F0000998C7E

It looks like the Homey app can connect to the MQTT broker successfully. Are you sure that the part running on the RPi is using the (correct) broker?

How can I check the part running on the RPi? I get no response with
mosquitto -v

but I assume this mosquitto comes with the use of the intstallation of Plugwise 2Py.

Here a screenshot of the webpage:

It responds, but without the Plugwise Circles.

Thanks a lot in advance for your help!

I have no idea how Plugwise2Py works :man_shrugging:t3:

With your browser you can see the connected devices at port :8000

Seems your devices are not recognized by the Pi program.

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Yes, thats the issue, but no clue what is wrong….

my advice, review your settings files, I followed the description you mentioned, and for me it works fine.

Hope you are aware that this is for the version with USB-dongle?

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I ‘check them. I do use the dongel version.
Are you using the Pi3 of the 4?

Ah, I see. In general, the best and preferred way for getting answers, is by posting your questions into the dedicated app topic. The dev gets informed also that way.
You’ll most often find the link(s) at the store app page.

While I checked already, here you go:

Dev Robin is often very helpful and quicker than Verstappen :crazy_face: (no guarantees of course :grimacing:)

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Did you try entering E000D6 as start address for all your modules in the config file?

I changed the adresses, but the logfile gives the same output as earlier above. For further problemsolving I set them back to the adresses I know from my Openhab settings.

I tried a new clean install and think I am one step further; The app in homey reports this error:

What do you mean by: ‘‘en je hebt een MQTT hub geconfigureerd’’ ? Zit dat niet in de container? en is dat dan op de Raspberry of op de Homey?