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Playfull RGBW remote/light control for children

Hi, I want to create a fun and easy way to change the color of a smart light that we’ve got in the room of our daughter. She likes to change the colors on my smartphone with the homey app. I want her to be able to change the colors herself.

So I want to create or buy some kind of ‘big button controller’ with some variation of colours so she can do this. Or some other device which is very basic. Or an other fun way for kids. Just wanted to see if you guys got some ideas?

Why not just use the Homey app? Well she’s 3 years old and doesn’t got her own smartphone haha.

Buy a cube. Give the sides a color and make some flows with:
WHEN cube flipped 90 degrees from any side to 1 ( lets pretend u made the 1 side red) THEN turn the bulb to red.

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Thanks! That’s a fun solution :slight_smile: and I think the most easy one to get and make.

Actually am gonna make one meself, Kiki would love it! She’s almost 4 but loves to switch the colors of the Hue lights.

Nice! Yeah I think with the cube you can make some fun flows for the kid(s).

I was thinking of some kind of big color buttons on the wall or floor. But I’ve no idea how to create something like that. So maybe it’s better to go for the easy option.

Hard part will be to teach her she has to just turn 90 degrees at a time haha.

Haha yes. It’s a good training. And otherwise an exiting game of ‘what color is it going to be?’ :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Good we also have the 180 degree option haha.