Physical seperate alarmclock

Is there a alarmclock available which can be used as trigger in Homey ?
Offcourse i can use the alarms in Homey itself, but i don’t want my phone in my bedroom (for switching on and off).
I think it would be nice to have a separate physical alarmclock which can communicatie with homey.
I that case i only have to manage the clock itself.


I use a Lametric clock it is very nice but expensive. There are cheaper solutions around like a smart plug combinated with a digital alarm clock

Just put a smart plug between the alarm clock. When the alarm goes on it uses a bit more power, this you can use as a trigger

Thanks for your suggestion @RoyWissenburg .
Unfortunatly this is not going to work for me.
When we are going to sleep i dim the display (totaly off) of my alarm because it is quite bright.
Sometimes (in the middle of the night when a toiletvisit is done :wink: ) i sometimes want to know the time so i switch the display on for a split second.
That also will be enough to use a bit more power and act as a trigger :frowning:


I wouldnt say its not gonna work, before really test it. Best to measure how much it
actually using in different senarios.

Thats the only way to know if its gonna work. maybe in dim it using (for example) 1.1 without dim 1.3 and when the alarm goes 1.5

Personnaly i would test it

LaMetric Time like @Marcel_Ubels suggested!