Phone call triggered by Homey

Im trying to figure out how to make phone call to specific user in case of specific alarm. Currently I’m using woopla to call me in case of alarm, but there is only limitation to one number per woopla account. Is there any other way/service, how to call specific number triggered by Homey?

Dont call, but send a text message :wink:

Yes, sms is one of the options, however for key events I need user to notify, phone call is preferred. Its easy to overview sms, phone call is more “invasive” and less possible to overview.

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Hi Igy,

would you mind letting me know how you set this up? This would be exactly what I am looking for.

You need to register with woopla service and buy some credit. Then crate IFTTT account if you dont have one already.
In Homey, create virtual switch and expose it to IFTTT.
In IFTTT create automation, once switch is ON, call woolpa service with your credentials and number to be called.
In Homey, use the virtual switch in case of securirty breach, turn it ON.

It works like this for me for quite a long time without any issue, even with Hubitat platform.

Hi thanks,

I’m not a big fan of IFTTT, but good to know that that option is there.

I just tried out ClickSend by the way, that has a Rest API that I could call from Homeyscript. And it allows you to trigger the same call to a list of telephone numbers. Cost were about 5 ct per call, since you were asking about calling multiple numbers

Another option is the Callmebot app in combination with Telegram. It allows you to make a voicecall. The receiving party must have Telegram installed. But the phone will ‘ring’, and when answering the call, the text that is entered in the flowcard, will be spoken out and is again repeated. You have the choice for several languages, and male or female voice.

Would that fit your need?

oh and by the way: this is all without any costs involved :slight_smile:


I looked at CallMeBot and in the end used some HomeyScript to call the CallMeBot API directly to send Telegram and a WhatsApp messages, to registered users. This is done as soon as the outside cameras or doorbell detect motion. The app that came with the camera will do the same for those users that have it installed.

I think that the advantage of an actual phone call is that it is just much harder to ignore in an emergency situation. So if movement persists and / or if internal cameras or motion sensors detect motion a call is made using the ClickSend.