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Philips LivingColors gen 1


Is it possible to control the Philips LivingColors gen 1 (https://www.philips.be/c-p/LCS5003_12/livingcolors-floral) with Homey? My remote (2.4 GHz) died a few months ago and now I’m stuck to 1 color…


Best place to find an answer is the search :

Thank you, but I don’t think the Gen 1 will connect with Hue? And I don’t have a Hue hub so testing that is not an option

That depends on which ‘version’ of the Gen1 the later ones can. I have two “gen1” livingColors which I was able to connect to the Hub.

From what I understand the LivingColors used a edited version or perhaps even a pre-release version of zigbee.

Depends on the version indeed. Easiest way to check is if you still know what remote it came with intially. Only the earliest models talk a different protocol. Based on the picture you can verify if it talks zigbee or not but looking at the link you posted I am afraid that you are out of luck.

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Some of the later livingColors with the v1 remote were actually v2 devices.

This is what I had, but yes generally speaking you are correct with a tiny exception.

It’s definitely the Gen1 that I have. I now have it connected to a smart plug so I can turn it on/off with Homey but that’s it :sweat_smile:. Maybe I’ll search a new remote so I can change the color now and then…

Where do you live @DidierVU? I have some of these remotes floating around, which I don’t use.

Belgium. Not really nearby… :crazy_face:

Hi guys, did any of you find a solution to this? Is any other remote comparible? And Jamie do you still have the remote lying around?

Hello, i can reset the livingcolors wit a hue dimmer switch. So i suppost it is zigbee. But i can’t ad the livingcolors to homey. Anny idea’s? Thx!

As I mentioned, I added my Gen1 to my Hue Hub. I am only guessing but based on what I have seen the original remotes actual work as a ‘hub’. Meaning I doubt you could have it connected to the remote AND homey anyway.

Ok, thx!

Before I also had it connected to the hue hub, without remote.
And than withe the athom hue app to homey, workde fine.

Now i want to connect this living colors direct to Homey, but that dont work.
Would be super if someone could help me.


I think it won’t work with Homey over zigbee.
I only know the workaround of assinging this (old and not for hue marked) light using the remote where you have to connect the remote to hue hub and the connect the light to the remote.
A direct adding to hue hub (without remote) was not possible (as I remember).
So I think it will ony work with hue hub.

Hi @RonnyW
I remember i had to do some tricks but it was connected to de round hue hub direct.
So it is a zigbee device.
I can also reset it by the new philips hue dimmer switch. And that is aldo zigbee.


Yes, it’s ZigBee and can be used with the hue hub. But I could add my Iris 1st gen to hue hub only via the Iris remote, not directly. It can depend on how Zigbee is implemented. Perhaps the old lights have some hue specific implementions.

Ok, thx

Maybe i can use this same trick to connect it to homey.
I will try to find this description.


This was the solution (some years ago). I only found a german description. Hope it will help. But if that will wokr with Homey? Can’t believe…

Yep, conneting to the remote works.
But not to homey, i give up.


I never got my gen1 working on homey (not zigbee apparently)
I do have a gen2 and two blooms (living colors not hue) connected to homey via the hue hub.

AND they are also connected to the livingcolors remote.
Really nice. I can control via homey, hue app and living colors remote