Philips Livingcolor GEN2 remote


Is there a way to use the (round) Philips GEN2 Livingcolor round remote to control a random ZigBee device, lets say a RGBW Led driver with Light Link?

I would like to be able to control a ledstrip without and smartphone. This is the only remote i came across with real buttons, not touch. But also touch zigbee remote (with color control) are rare…



Dont know if you can use it on a random zigbee device.
But you can link the remote to any hue device.
See also youtube
1 reset the gen2 remote
2 install iconnecthue (or other hue app that supports touchlink) on your phone
3 put your gen2 remote next to the hue hub
4 via ihue start the touchlink process on your hub
5 now press the&hold 1 button on your remote
Your remote is now linked to the hue hub
6 now you can link hue lights to your remote (light should already be connected to the hub)
7 switch the light off and on
8 hold remote next to the light and hold the 1 button
9 the light blinks and turns green when it is connected

you can now control your lights via the hue app and via the remote
(I have 4 lights linked to the remote and the hue hub)

And does the remote work with the hue hub disconnected?

It’s not using the Bluetooth standard that Philips has implemented recently on their lights so it won’t work without a hub connection I believe.

Did not test it.
But I believe the idea is: 1st connect to the hub. This way the remote receives a certain coding. After that link the light to the remote, they same coding is now also linked to the lights.
Since the remote is directly linked to the lights and not via the hub I expect this will work.
i’ll see if I can test it. (My hub in nicely packed away so not easy to reach)