Philips Hue via Athom or Philips Hue ZigBee?

Or use the app


other than the additional functionalities that the hub offers, could anyone relate to unreliable lights?
I have recently renovates my house. For the living room and open kitchen i have 8 GU10 ambient + color 5 in the living room and 3 above the kitchen. All directly connected with Homey. Until now i have controlled them directly with the homey app for testing, as well as with the Philips hue dimmer switch.

Somehow there is always one light that would not go on, go off, or change color if i’d group them in a flow. As it needs to be 100% reliable i made a second action within the on/off flow to re-do the complete ON or OFF flow after 1 second to ensure that if one light stays behind, it will go out the second time. Now out of 10 times, 6 times this still doesnt work. I’ts just dramatic. Homey is located at approx 2,5 meters from the first hue. each hue is approx 50CM apart. first kitchen hue is approx 4 meter away.

Would the hub provide a better change on stability here?

i’m aware that they will no longer create a mesh for my other Tradfri’s in the house.
I have approx 25 warm white GU10’s spots around the house.

anyone who could give me some tips here. Or maybe tell if this sounds similar to something they have had?

This is quite a common issue with Homey: controlling multiple bulbs within a single flow is hit-or-miss. A workaround that is commonly used is to add a delay between each action card, so the first bulb will be switched, then after one second the second bulb, then after one second the third bulb, etc.

I think using the Hue bridge will improve that a lot, provided that it supports (Zigbee-)grouping of devices (I don’t have a Hue bridge so I don’t know if it supports that, but I can’t imagine it doesn’t) so you can switch entire groups on/off with one command.

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in my opinion this seems to be a standard feature for a all-in one domotics system…?
would it change if i went to ‘‘apparaten’’ and activate / de-activate’’ all lights instead of mentioning each light in the flow?

i know there’s also an option to ‘‘group’’ lights, but at this point i dont have internet in my new home yet thus cant install it.

why not repeat the off all lights card with a delay. That’s what I do to make sure nothing’s left out and the second repeat always picks up whatever that may have been left behind…

I agree with that opinion.

You could try. The issue is that Homey cannot handle sending a lot of (Zigbee) commands in parallel, and I don’t know if (de-)activating all lights works like that. In contrast, when using proper Zigbee groups, a controller only has to send a single command and all devices in the group will receive it.

Is this still the same with the now stable v5 / upgraded zigbee engine? Or can i.e. 4 spots in a room be grouped properly now and dimmed simultaneously?

From what I know, v5 doesn’t support proper Zigbee grouping, so you still need to switch the separate devices from flows. Perhaps that works better now in v5, but I don’t know.

I have no experience of using Hue with Athom Zigbee but I control more than 60 Hue bulbs, 25 of which in one room (kitchen), using Athom Hue via Bridge. This solution works very fast and smoothly when scenes are set up in the Hue app. All lights in the scene work smoothly and as you would want. I have tried using a grouping app and using athom to set bulb colours and dim values without using scenes in Hue and the results are very poor. Problem actually scales in that the more you ask Homey to do, more bulbs, the worse it seems to get. And the effected bulbs are almost random. It was really bad in my kitchen. The Hue bridge seems to have no trouble grouping.

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The grouping app on Homey is just a convenience, but it doesn’t implement proper Zigbee grouping and still requires Homey to command each device in the group separately. Which Homey is just not very good at, it just seems to lose commands at random so you get random results each time :frowning:

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I haven’t tried it yet for speakers but I imagine group app is very useful for this, or a few devices not lots. It certainly provides useful functionality that Homey does not have and saves having to create multiple action cards

Have to say that the one day experience I have with 5.0.0. the light grouping (with group app) works now, at least much better.

When pressing grouped lights device the response is quite fast and all lights go on at the same time. Something must have changed.

Time will tell if this is permanent or just a coincident.

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I gave it a go as well, 1 out of 4 spots did not want to pair (after resetting it several times). So I tried the other 3 and over here I still noticed delays between the 3 of them…so I moved them back to deConz and will look for other peoples experiences.

But as @robertklep mentioned, apparently it’s grouping the devices in the interface / for convenience. It’s not grouping them in a Zigbee group that is addressed once, it’s sending (in my case) 3 requests to 3 devices simultaneously. So as long that’s the case, it probably will not improve.

I’ve asked for Zigbee grouping (and scenes) here: Zigbee Groups & Scenes · Issue #64 · athombv/node-zigbee-clusters · GitHub. Hopefully it will be picked up some day?

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