Philips Hue Dimmer Switch and Ceiling Lamp delay

Hello, I have a big problem with my Philips Dimmer Switch and Philips Ceiling Lamp which are connected to Homey through Philips app. I made flows for turning on/off, change temperature and dim.

Turning ON / OFF is relatively good, response time is approx 0.1-0.5 sec. Something wrong is when I try change temperature or dim.

I made some flows: - when is lamp ON, “on button” changes “LampColor” + 0.25 - when “LampColor” changes, set a temperature - when is “LampColor” more than 1, set it to 0 (it’s like loop)

Technically it works, but every 3rd button press it has delay approx 2-4 sec and this is a big problem. Especially when I try manage Dim values…it doesn’t work continually because of delay. I don’t know where is the problem and how solve it.

Dont think its related to your problem, but it can be your next problem…
Logic is sometimes a bit off. This results in values like 0.749999999 iso 0.75
Not sure if hue can deal with that, but many applications cant.

Here the solution for that (i use similar flows to control volume)