Philips HUE Dimmer model 2 battery warning flooding timeline

I have a fairly new Philips Hue dimmer (model 2) next to my bed which recently started to flood my timeline with message like:

Battery of Slaapkamer Nachtkastje is full 42 minutes ago
Battery of Slaapkamer Nachtkastje is almost empty hour ago ago
Battery of Slaapkamer Nachtkastje is full 2 hours ago
Battery of Slaapkamer Nachtkastje is empty 2 hours ago

From what I have understood this dimmer is kinetic which will load battery by using the Dimmer device?. I have several other Hue dimmers in my house which are working without problems given they are less used. The Philips HUE light linked to the dimmer in my bedroom automatically turn on in a bedtime routine flow and when I’m in my bed ready to go to sleep I use the dimmer to turn the HUE light off. In my morning routine the HUE light slowly turn brighter and after disabling my alarm the good morning routine turns to HUE light to full bright. When I’m ready to leave the bedroom I use the Hue dimmer to turn the light next to my bed of. At least twice a day the dimmer is pressed. This behavior started maybe 1 or 2 weeks ago.

I have removed the HUE Dimmer from Homey and installed it again. I have also looked in the device settings of that particular HUE dimmer but did not find a setting to ignore this alarm. I could disable the energy alarms in the timeline but by doing that I would also not receive other important energy notifications.

Does someone recognize this and can help with a solution for the timeline being flooded or know how to ignore the energy / battery warnings just for this device?

Google says that it has a CR2032 battery, like the previous version.

Philips website too:

Product highlights
Wireless installation
Battery powered
Easy access to light scenes
Use as a remote control

So I would just replace the battery.

I have a 1st generation dimmer that shows similar behaviour. It is used very often and switches on a fully automatic coffee machine.
The battery indicator sporadically jumps back and forth between 0 and 100%. Replacing the battery did not help.
The dimmer is registered via the Hue Bridge. Only when I integrated the dimmer into Homey via HA did it stop.
I think it is a bug in the Hue Bridge or the Homey App.
I use 5 other dimmers that do not show this behaviour.

Are you using the Philips HUE app by Athom, or the Philips Hue, without the bridge app by Johan Bendz?
I use the PHWTB app with 4 Philips Hue Dimmer Switch Gen. 1/2 and have no problems.
However, I have noticed a similar behavior with other battery-powered devices (e.g. Fibaro KeyFob). I don’t know if it’s the device itself, the app or Homey.

I don’t like workarounds myself, but one solution might be to create a flow for each of the battery-powered devices (except the Philips Hue Dimmer Switch) and turn off the Homey energy notification.

Something like this:

I have replaced the battery with a fresh CR2032, removed the dimmer switch from Homey and Philips HUE App and unplugged the power for a few seconds from the HUE bridge. After that the Philips HUE app was unable to find the dimmer switch which has been resolved by pressing the small reset gap in the battery compartment for about 10 seconds. After that I was able to add the dimmer to the Philips HUE App and link it back to the bed night HUE light. After that I added the HUE Dimmer in Homey (using the official AtHomey version) as Philips HUE Dimmer V2. The battery is showing 100% and I think time will tell if this resolved the problem. Thank you all for your replies and your help.

Edit: the messages in the timeline stopped. Above resolved the issue