Philips Hue Constantly Disconnecting/Pausing + API Error?

@dandooze Did you also create a ticket Athom support for these issues with the Hue app?

I haven’t yet, I will surely do. Somehow I am happy that I am not the only one with the same issue. In the meantime I think I will create an automation that restarts the app if exceeds the limit as per your linked post. Thanks for that

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  • I have only one V2 Bridge, with 21 lights and a few hue remotes.
  • my Homey is the Early 2019 not the pro version

Can you also tell us more about your router/WiFi setup? I already had my current setup running on the Homey 2019 and this went smoothly after some changes (see above). Intuitively, I think you should look for it in the router settings/connection first.

-Is Homey primarily connected to the same AP as the hue bridge?

  • considered installing Sysinternals on Homey? You may be able to find out whether WiFi is down for Homey at the same times.
    -are there any logs on the router that can tell you something about the WiFi connection?
    -Does the hue bridge have a fixed IP address?

Just to name something :smiling_face:

Edited; sorry, previous post was in Dutch :see_no_evil:

All white balls are also called Pro since Homey cloud/premium/bridge was introduced.
Now you have an Early 2019 ‘Pro’ with 512MB/1core

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The power of branding :sweat_smile:

A few more notes about my Wifi setup:

  • Philips Hue is connected directly to the UDM via GbE. I didn’t provide it with a static address, but it has never changed (because of the DHCP lease I guess.)
  • Homey is connected to an Access Point which in turn is connected via a GbE backbone to the UDM. The signal is very strong and there are no signs of disconnection on the UDM control panel.

What it seems to have solved :crossed_fingers: the problem, is to lock Homey to the closest Access Point (literally next to it), while before it was free to roam through the available ones. I still get an interesting Mem usage graph of the Hue App at the moment, but as long as it doesn’t stop the app, I am fine with it.

I will install Sysinternals to get more insights. Thanks everyone for the recommendation and help!