Pee or poop timer flow

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With the risk of asking for help on a topics that has been discussed before.

I want to create the following flow for the toilet. If movement is detected then switch on the hue light. (The switching off of the light is done via Hue after 3 min.) If the light is still on (because of movement) after 3 min then switch on the fan after 3 min for 5 min.

So I need a timer that checks after 3 min if the light is still on. How to do that?

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bijvoorbeeld deze

Maar eventueel kun je ook iets met zones

I would start a timer (e.g. from the chronograph app, countdown, …) to fire up the the fan in three minutes when the light comes on, and cancel the timer when the light turns off. Then there’s no need to check the status of the light after 3 minutes.