Panasonic Aquarea Cloud or KNX without ETS ? + HomeBattery Sonnen KNX


I have an Panasonic Aquarea I can connect this with Panasonic Cloud or KNX. I think KNX has more features then the Cloud function, so this would be ideal.
Also i’ve a homebattery that can communicate with KNX.

I want to make that if the battery is full that the Panasonic can run a higher temperature for example.
We don’t have a KNX system, so its just to communicate with Homey, Panasonic and the Home Battery.

Also do I need to have the ETS sofware for it or can I just connect Homey to it ?
I need to buy the modules, but they are quit expensive if my idea won’t work …

Hopefully somebody has tried this already or has some experience with it.

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Hello Jan,
I have the same things. I use Aquarea with knx iNTESIS module, so yes i use KNX. I dont know if Cloud Function are, in some way, possible to integrate in homey.
In case you need to use knx, yes you need ETS HOME (or someone with professional version can create a configuration for you) and connect the two things.