Panasonic Aquarea Cloud or KNX without ETS ? + HomeBattery Sonnen KNX


I have an Panasonic Aquarea I can connect this with Panasonic Cloud or KNX. I think KNX has more features then the Cloud function, so this would be ideal.
Also i’ve a homebattery that can communicate with KNX.

I want to make that if the battery is full that the Panasonic can run a higher temperature for example.
We don’t have a KNX system, so its just to communicate with Homey, Panasonic and the Home Battery.

Also do I need to have the ETS sofware for it or can I just connect Homey to it ?
I need to buy the modules, but they are quit expensive if my idea won’t work …

Hopefully somebody has tried this already or has some experience with it.