Overtake light sensor flow with a button push

You are right. As I did it, the flow restart at motion at “in this case” dimmers the light over again (restarting the timer).
Will you suggesting be:
When On is activated
Then start flow “1” with delay? Which I think isnt that great, because you never know for how long until next activation is needed.
Isnt possible to deactivate flow And then reactivate it at Off button instead?

Ofc it is. WHEN button “On” is pushed THEN disable flows that runs ur light.
WHEN button “Off” is pushed THEN enable the flows again with a delay of a few seconds so u can get out of the room.

Ill test again.
Any other solution meanwhile testing

Countdown timer works well for me for this very purpose

With regard to the stop timer: Many samples are to be found on the forum, like [Simple] Lights turning on/off based on motion or [Tutorial] Simple movement-triggered automatic light with zone activity cards (just 2 flows!)

Your flows might work most of the time, depending on how sensitive your motion sensor is (how fast it stops detecting motion) and how long the delay is.

But it’s also simple common sense: The timer is to give you time to start moving again when you stopped doing so. It ‘s how long you sit still that is relevant, not how long since you started moving.


Tested it with flow deaktivation and it seems to work. I will give some days testing.
Thank you

I’m not completely convinced yet, but I’ll give it a try. :wink:

You are right. Your explanation about the timer makes sense. The deaktivation function in this case is necassary to overrule the sensor. Its the main feature to reach my goal.
Thanks Edwin

I use 2 methods.

1 in the kitchen is when motion detected go to 95%
Except when it is at 100%
When there is no motion depending on time go to 35% or off only when light is lower then 98%
So when I activate the kitchen light to 100% every flow is ignored.

For the bedroom I made a custom condition called overrule. The flow for the bedroom light check that condition and accept or ignore

Maybe use the “turn sensor off” flowcard in the flow where you activate the lights with a button push?
As you said that all the other flows where activated by the sensor…
I use this for my garden.
If I turn the gardenlights on with the switch, it turns of the sensor…

Or with the “switch flow off” flowcard?

I push a button
turn sensor off
Switch flow 1 off
Switch flow 2 off