OT - accesspoint and Netgear App

To monitor the presence of family members I have been using the Netgear App. That works great!

To improve WiFi range, I have connected a router in the attic and set it up as a access point. So, this is hardwired to the router on the ground floor, the wan poort is not used and stuff like DHCP is shut off. This works fine too. Phones sometimes insist on staying connected to the poor signal downstairs, but once they connect to the attic router, WiFi is fine again.

Problem is that once a phone is using the attic WiFi, the Netgear app shows the phone on and offline every 30 or so minutes.

What might cause this “ping pong” behaviour? How to solve it?


Lease time of the modem?

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Will check leasetimes!

Hi, experiencing here the same after installing besides my netgear router a 2nd netgear router as AP. Any suggestions as how to solve this? Before the extra AP, this was working fine.