Opening a Somfy screen on time AND daylight

Need some help in building a flow:
I want to open my Somfy screen every morning as soon as my light sensor is reaching 20 lux.
If my light sensor is reaching 20 lux before 07:00, the Somfy screens must open at 07:00

You will need two Flows, one for the lux and one for the time. Each will have the other condition.
So, when lux > 20 and time is after 7, then the other one is the time is 7 and lux > 20.

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My understanding is that the earliest you want the screen to open is at 7 in the morning. But after 7, you want it to open when lux is more than 20.

For exactly 7:00:00, you can have a flow that says
“When the time is 7:00 am and lux is greater than 20 then open the screen”. But other than that, you need a triggering action.

Personally, I’d set this up as an advanced flow:
WHEN time is 7:00am -> AND lux > 20 -> - - - - - - - - - - - - - v
WHEN lux changes -> AND lux > 20 -> AND time between 7 and 10 -> open screen

Thanks. This works for me!