Oase Inscenio Pool pump

Does anybody has any experience in connecting Homey to Oase Pool Devices like Oase 36310 (Frequency 433,92 MHz)? It seems to be a Wifi-Protocol working with a genuine smartphone app. Can anybody say if it seems to be possible to connect such a device to Homey?
Details could be found here: https://www.voelkner.de/products/87166/Oase-36310-Gartensteckdose-4fach-Schwarz-mit-Fernbedienung-mit-Erdspiess.html?offer=1865df329f59eb4867e1f7e1ad2bf3ec

I would appreciate any information.

Kind regards

This is not Wifi, 433.92MHz is RF, maybe it can can be learned-in into a RF-transmitting device.