NTFY app for Homey: Send notifications and images to your NTFY server

Hello everyone,

I would like to present an idea for a new Homey app that sends notifications and images to an NTFY server (ntfy.sh). The app should have the following features:

Send notifications and images to NTFY server: The app should be able to send both text notifications and images to an NTFY server.
Choose between own server or official server: The user should be able to choose to use either their own NTFY server or the official NTFY server.
Settings: The app should have settings where the user can configure the server address, API key, and other relevant parameters.
I have tried to create my own app, but I have not been able to get it to work completely correctly. I only get “triggered” notifications in my NTFY server. Therefore, I wonder if anyone else has made or started on such an app?

It would be great if we could collaborate to create a complete app that all Homey users can use.

Here are some questions that I would like to discuss:

What features are most important for an NTFY app?
How can we make the app easy to use and configure?
Are there any specific challenges we need to consider?
I look forward to hearing your thoughts and ideas!

Best regards,


I’ve not used NTFY but now you’ve alerted me to it, I might do in future.

I don’t think you need an app. Instead you can create an advanced flow that starts with a text tag. The flow can then use the Logic card: Make a … request to … with headers … and body …

Any flow can then invoke your flow with the message you want to send.

Sorry, re-read and spotted your requirement for images. Can’t see how NTFY expects image data to be provided, but it says it can.

[another edit] NTFY expects image urls in headers (Sending messages - ntfy) so you could use an advanced flow to either pick up message and image address from variables, or provide them in a text tag with a splitter character (e.g, |).


One of the best things about ntfy is that you can run a local server with Docker. I’ve been running it with logic and sending images with the string: http://********:82/Homey?attach=http://*******:*****@172.16../web/auto.jpg, but I thought it would be easier with a dedicated app where you can fetch messages and images, and also set up different topics/servers to use multiple receivers.