Notifications not opening in 'window'

I have a number of flows on my Homey that send notifications to my wife’s and my phone. We both have a Samsung Galaxy S21 FE. When I get a notification, I swipe the screen from top to bottom, and the notification opens in a separate block. However, on my wife’s phone, the Homey app opens. No notification block.

I have compared the notification settings on the phones and they are all the same except for the screenshots below. The ones with 5 lines are my notification categories; the one with 2 lines are on my wife’s phone. The Homey app has all rights on both phones. I’ve checked everything, reinstalled the Homey app and googled of course, but I can’t find what could be causing this.

Do you have an idea how I can solve this??

Like I wrote on the FB group: Probably the Owner account has more notify options than a Manager or User account?

I asked support. Still waiting for their opinion. But why would Athom find it usefull to make a difference in the options in notification? I don’t see why that would be usefull.


I had the same, it was DuckDuckGo’s popup blocker that caused the problem. You may want to check your popup blocker (if installed) and exclude the Homey app.

I doubt my wife has that installed but I will check tonight. Maybe something in Norton 360?
Thanks for the tip!