No option for native logging of flows/triggers?

Unless I’m missing something, it looks like there is no native logging available in Homey. How are people supposed to troubleshoot issues with flows without any basic logging available (Flow X started)? I’m not talking about full blown debug logging, just an option for very basic (in-memory) logging would help a lot for troubleshooting/tracking.

Just coming from Mi Home and Hubitat and I really like the overall Homey experience (especially the brand new web app!), but things like that are quite an unpleasant surprise. I’m not too keen on installing a community app + adding cards to all my flows to know what is happening.

Welcome to the community and Homey,

You are not missing something,
Just use one of the apps, simple log or papertrails, I admit the last one still needs some love in the function below.

Thanks for the suggestions, I am using Simple Log already. I really believe this should be native functionality of Homey, at least a Log option similar to “Simple Log” in flows so at least we can add some logging.

[Update] I just noticed that you can use the “Timeline” card to add a log line to the timeline on the main page of the app!

Athom doesn’t, I’m afraid.