[REQUEST] Provide default flow & sensor logging

The #1 troubleshooting tool is completely missing from Homey: decent built-in logging to get an idea what is going on with flows & devices! I know there are very useful apps out there that fill the gap to a certain degree, but to be honest this is core functionality that should be provided by Homey. I think it might even save time for Athom support, because it would help us troubleshoot certain scenarios ourselves. In some cases all I could do was file a support request with Athom and add a diags dump for them to inspect. When a flow fails intermittently, there is no way for us to find out which “card” and/or device failed. And it certainly would help with Flow editing in general!

I understand this should not be debug level logging for everything that is going on for obvious performance reasons, but it should at least provide an option to log flow start/fail events and device updates. It could be a per-flow setting with different log levels.


  1. Option to set Log Level (at least Flow Start + Result): per Flow or All Flows
  2. Option for (zigbee) device logging: per Device/All devices
  3. Generic system events log?

Agree, +1

Would love that!


Although I think the logging apps do a very nice job too.
Would rather have Athom concentrate on things that aren’t already provided by 3rd parties.
Like a decent dashboard.
Or the new v5 firmware… :slight_smile:


Oh yes,
I have papertrails in every flow now.
Should not be required.
Definitely a big miss

Added a :hearts:

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Agree +1

+1 …would be great Experimental function !