Tried to control my Ngenic thermostat from Homey. I think this works:

  1. Install

  2. Setup a flow with the PUT JSON (A40) card with the following parameters

Text 1 (url): { “method”: “put”, “protocol”: “https:”, “hostname”: “”, “port”: 443, “path”: “/api/v3/tunes/{tune-id}/rooms/{room-id}”, “headers”: {“authorization”: “Bearer your-id”, “content-type”: “application/json”}}

Text 2 (json data): {“targetTemperature”: 20.0}

Replace tune-id, room-id and your-id with the identification info relevant for your installation. A tutorial on how to access these can be found at


Hi Markus.
I have an Ngenic and would like to control it from Homey.
I could not find a tutorial to find the tune-id, room-id and your-id.
Or maybe the problem is that i am not a software developer :slight_smile:

Do you have time to explain how you found it?

Kind regards! / Mikael

Hi Mikael,

Look at under “authentication” for your-id, it is referred to as “personal access token”

Then use the curl commands (available via a Linux/Mac terminal shell) under “a few usage examples” to retrieve the tune-id and room-id, referred to as tuneUuid and nodeUuid in the example.

Hope this will work out!

All the best,

Hi again :slight_smile:

Thanks alot now i understand. I managed to get hold of my Uuids so i think i got it right now.
I had to reset my password for Ngenic since i couldnt log into the developer altough my password worked for normal Ngenic use.
But it didnt work i just get a error message…

Hi Great tip Markus

I have done the same and have the same error message as Mikael :frowning_face:

Note sure what the error can be. I remember having troubles setting this up. Perhaps there were multiple ways of doing a JSON PUT? Think it had to be an A40 request, see HTTP request flow cards App for Homey | Homey. You see the A40 info when editing the card on the phone but I cannot see this in the web interface.

I see that the title of your card is “PUT JSON (url)”, while my card just reads “PUT JSON” in the beginning. Perhaps that’s related?

Hi, old thread but:
just used the standard logic board for http request, HTTP PUT


Content-type: application/json
Authorization: Bearer YOUR _TOKEN

{“targetTemperature”: 15}

Får inte rätt på detta lägger du in det precis som ovan?

Skärmdump från Funkar det bättre så?

If you could please keep the conversation in English as much as possible, then more people will be able to participate and help you.

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Super! Thank you

I get stuck trying to read the temperature sensors connected to ngenic.
I’ve found the token and room and sensor uuid and get a CURL GET to work on my MAC in terminal.

But I don’t get it how to translate that to a HTTP GET in Homey…
Any suggestions??

curl command
curl -X GET
-H “Authorization: Bearer abcd1234PRIVATETOKENabcd1234”{f3e2e629-8eb9-ec11-997e-e42aac6e0f30}/measurements/{0687242c-75cc-ec11-997e-e42aac6e0f30}/latest?type=temperature_C

{“hasValue”:true,“time”:“2022-09-20T16:25:28 Europe/Stockholm”,“value”:21.5625}%

were “value” is the current temperature

I work with this now, i cant really get it to work as you all write here. I get it to work in curl . How to translate from curl to work in homey pro flow? I try with card put http.But I cant change temp there. But in real curl it works.

This tread might help…

has anyone got this working with homey pro 23?

@Markus_Nilsson - Kan du tänka dig att ta fram en uppdatering för Homey 2023?

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Did you find anything regarding Ngenic and Homey?

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Hi to get the latest tempvalue you need to do (and send the bearer of cource):{tuneUuid}/measurements/{nodeUuid}/latest?type=temperature_C

Works for me