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Tried to control my Ngenic thermostat from Homey. I think this works:

  1. Install https://homey.app/en-us/app/com.internet/HTTP-request-flow-cards/

  2. Setup a flow with the PUT JSON (A40) card with the following parameters

Text 1 (url): { “method”: “put”, “protocol”: “https:”, “hostname”: “app.ngenic.se”, “port”: 443, “path”: “/api/v3/tunes/{tune-id}/rooms/{room-id}”, “headers”: {“authorization”: “Bearer your-id”, “content-type”: “application/json”}}

Text 2 (json data): {“targetTemperature”: 20.0}

Replace tune-id, room-id and your-id with the identification info relevant for your installation. A tutorial on how to access these can be found at https://developer.ngenic.se/


Hi Markus.
I have an Ngenic and would like to control it from Homey.
I could not find a tutorial to find the tune-id, room-id and your-id.
Or maybe the problem is that i am not a software developer :slight_smile:

Do you have time to explain how you found it?

Kind regards! / Mikael

Hi Mikael,

Look at https://developer.ngenic.se/ under “authentication” for your-id, it is referred to as “personal access token”

Then use the curl commands (available via a Linux/Mac terminal shell) under “a few usage examples” to retrieve the tune-id and room-id, referred to as tuneUuid and nodeUuid in the example.

Hope this will work out!

All the best,

Hi again :slight_smile:

Thanks alot now i understand. I managed to get hold of my Uuids so i think i got it right now.
I had to reset my password for Ngenic since i couldnt log into the developer altough my password worked for normal Ngenic use.
But it didnt work i just get a error message…

Hi Great tip Markus

I have done the same and have the same error message as Mikael :frowning_face:

Note sure what the error can be. I remember having troubles setting this up. Perhaps there were multiple ways of doing a JSON PUT? Think it had to be an A40 request, see HTTP request flow cards App for Homey | Homey. You see the A40 info when editing the card on the phone but I cannot see this in the web interface.

I see that the title of your card is “PUT JSON (url)”, while my card just reads “PUT JSON” in the beginning. Perhaps that’s related?

Hi, old thread but:
just used the standard logic board for http request, HTTP PUT


Content-type: application/json
Authorization: Bearer YOUR _TOKEN

{“targetTemperature”: 15}