NEXA MYCR-1000, anyone know if it is supported?

I just bought a three pack with remote and 3x MYCR-1000.
They look identical to MYC-1000, are they supported?

I want to know before I open the blister pack…

if you look at the app page of the nexa in the homey app store, they not mentiond. So i guess not.

You could ask the developer off the app, in this case Athom themself… for adding the device into the app.

Sure, thanks. Didn’t mean to create a “nag” thread. It was more that I couldn’t find this product anywhere, and was thinking that they might’ve had different names, or that it is even identical with one of the others.

I could test with one, and maybe ask for support if I find that it doesn’t work. I paid like €12 for all three inc. remote, so I’m not all out. I had actually gotten rid of all 433 devices due to instability, but now I’m experiencing the same with ZigBee. Doesn’t seem like the mesh is giving me a better coverage.

For reference: I added them as EYCR-2300. Worked!

Just plugged in then clicked program (within 6 seconds).

Now just need to figure out some logic that isn’t working as intended in my heating flow.