Nexa Motion Sensor MIMST-1703

After some testing around with the existing klik-aan-klik-uit devices, I got the AWST-6000 device to work with this one. Just a little tip if anyone else hasn’t managed to figure it out - haven’t seen it on any lists myself.


How did you get the MIMST-1703 installed in Homey? I couldn’t find it under Nexa…

EDIT: Sorry - you installed it as a AWST-6000?

Unfortunately after some time has passed and probably some updates with it - this do not longer work. The unit is OK - as it paired immediately with my Nexa Bridge… Bummer…

In case anyone still is trying to add the Nexa MIMST-1703 to Homey, I got it working out of the box adding it as a Nexa LMDT-609.

Turn the motion sensor down to 5 seconds, and use motion to trigger when adding. Can turn timer up to any level after adding.

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Anyone gotten this to work recently?
I’ve tried LMDT-609, AWST-6000, but not sure what I am doing wrong, I mean, what should I possibly be doing on the sensor?

edit: I got it to work after restarting homey, weird!

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Thanks! Worked fine for me!

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Hey! My Nexa MIMST-1703 Sensor has worked fine for many months. The sensor has suddenly “bypassed” my Homey and triggers three of my Nexa- outlets (on or off) everytime the sensor triggers… Probably how it is “supposed” to work. I have all my Nexa outlets controlled trough Homey and I have used the sensor to trigger a Homey flow with Shelly relays… Anyway, does anyone know how to unpair the sensor from my Nexa outlets? I can not figure out the user manual here …

Btw. I have a total of Nine Nexa outlets installed but the sensor only triggers three of them Directly. And as said above, the sensor “Bypassed” my Homey without purpose… I don’t know how that direct sync suddenly happened

Does anyone know if Nexa MIMST-1703 is still possible to add to Homey Pro (2023)?