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Newbie X10 questions

I am a user of a X10 domotica system (Xanura, Marmitek). Have no technical knowledge. Wanted to acces my system from outside home, and bought a Homey for this purpose. Installed the X10 app from Jilles Miedema. Planned to use a Marmitek TM13 for getting the 433 Mhz signal into the electricity network. Need some help, for I do not know wether this is possible this way, what settings I need, etc (once again, I am a simple user without knowledge of what is inside the system). Anyone can help me and guide me through the process?

There is nothing special to do. Install the X10 App on Homey: https://apps.athom.com/app/com.jilles.x10
I guess you already have a TM13 and some X10 devices installed in your house?
In that case, you can easily add the devices to Homey by going to the Zones&Devices page and click on the square with the + sign an follow the commands.
When you have the Homey-App on your SmartPhone, you can control the devices from outside your house. The distance between the TM13 and Homey should not be too far because the communication is done by RF.

Thanks for your reply.

  • I have installed the X10 app on Homey
  • I have a TM13 plugged in and installed X10 devices. The TM13 is set on channel P, so all commands should be transferred.
  • I added the devices. When entering device type “all”, the app kept on showing the turning wheel infinitely, when choosing OnOff, the device (light) was not responding.
    -The distance between homey and the TM13 is 1 meter.
    So what now?

Are you sure you entered the Housecode and the Unitcode right?
Just tried this. and works just fine. (this unit I didn’t use for a long time) and I’m using CM15.

Yes, I checked the codes. (in my case it is A14), OnOff and none. It creates a button, but when sliding it to on, nothing happens. I tried another TM13 module, in case that was the problem, but the same happened (nothing in fact).

Perhaps you can try to control the device with a remote, does that work?
Or change the setting of the TM13 to housecode “A”.

The device responds to a standard wall switch (build in X10 switch module).
Changing the settings of the TM13 to “A” does not help.
Is there a way to test where in the chain the problem occurs?

Does the TM13 itself switch on devicecode 1?
I also tested with an old TM12G/BNL, also works without a problem.
Even with one of my 2 EH" Transceivers.
Test your X10 installation could be done with an X10 RF-remote, if you have one.
Another option is to Reset Homey (tab Settings / System ) wait a couple of minutes before trying again.


Tried 3 different TM13 modules. No response. Seems to be a different problem.
I try to get another one the next week. Like to come back on the subject, but need more testing first. Thanks for your help so far. Please allow me to react later.

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Are the TM13 and the X10 devices at the same powerline?

To make sure homey works you can do the follwing test:
1 Plug in a device into the TM13
2 create a device in homey with code P1
3 now switch on P1 via homey

You should hear the TM13 switch and the connected device should go on.

My TM13 is 8m from homey, no issues.

PS: the all function is not implemeted yet so you are not able to create devices with “all”