Netatmo rain

Hey! Can’t set Flows, using Netatmo rain, to send message and activate my ventilation slots! It went well with temperature.

At the when part you have the option When the rain changed. At the AND part you need to use Logic and Tags. This are the possibilities

so I did, but it does not work!

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So if I interpreting this right, when the rain changes and rain us more than 0,3mm something has to happen?

It takes a while before netatmo detects rain, and even some extra time to get on to 0,3mm. Does the netatmo app detect more than 0,3mm now and the than part does not execute? Try making a notification at the then part to check it works, independent of what you want to happen. That way you can exclude if this execution is the problem

Rain now is something different then mm/hour. You could try the other tags, because rain now 0,3mm is quite some rain and is much more then 0,3mm in a hour.

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Thanks for pointing out the tags for AND. I hadn’t previously found them as the tags listing is not easy to navigate. But what is RAIN NOW? The Netatmo app shows just 2 values: currently my sensor displays 4.7mm/h and Accumulated 10.3mm. In Homey RAIN NOW shows 0, MM/HOUR shows 0, TODAY shows 9.1. I have a notification set for RAIN > 1 which has not been received. Any advice?

It is possible that the app is buggy. In another post, someone also reported that the weather data were not updated. So it’s possible that your values in the Netatmo app and in Homey are from different time periods.
But in Insights you can check if the values were updated in the last hours.


It started to rain and here are the actual data from my weather station in comparison to the values in Homey. As you can see they are equal:

Bildschirmfoto 2020-12-21 um 13.35.59

Probably “Rain now” is comparable with the symbolic raindrops. In another iOS app (myatmo), a value for “Rain now current” is given.
So the original Netamo app presents less data (at least numerically) than would be possible.
How the values for “Rain now” are calculated exactly, I’m not sure. Especially because the values are updated only every 5-10 minutes.

This is a screenshot from the actual rain values in Insights: