Nest Thermostat - Cannot set temperature when away

My Nest thermostat automatically detects when nobody is home. Via IFTTT I set up a notification, so I know it goes to away-mode everyday. To do this it uses the Nest internal (motion) sensor(s).

Sometimes homey does not adjust the temperature when I arrive home. And just about 5 minutes ago I saw the following in the log from the homey Nest app:
“Kon doeltemperatuur niet aanpassen naar 15 terwijl structure op away modus stond ingesteld”
Free translated:
“cannot adjust temperature when Nest thermostat is set to away”.

Anybody else has the same problem? It only happens when I arrive at home, when I leave or go to sleep Nest still thinks I’m at home. I cannot disable this behaviour in the Nest thermostat itself

Correct I have the same issue, i reported an issue towards Athom via:

This was the reply:
_The developer looked into this issue. At the moment this is not possible, but we would like to add this feature in the future, when we find the time for it. It is put on our ‘feature request’ list. Because software development is hard to predict, I cannot give any time estimate of how long this will take. _
I am sorry for the inconvenience in the meantime.
I hope to have helped you sufficiently.

Maybe you can also file a ticket to prioritize the needed development for Nest

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Thanks for the info, I also filed a ticket to request a fix from Athom