Nest App - New rights - Works with Nest - Red explanation mark

Today I received a message inside the original Nest App that I needed to update the rights for use with Homey. So i deed and had the notification that I accepted the update

When I look in my Homey Nest App there are red explanation mark?

When I try to “configure the app” it keeps rotating like it is waiting for something.

Restarting the app or Homey does not repair this situation.

Anybody else with the same problem? Offcourse i can remove the app and reinstall is? but then allot of flows are broken and need to be repaired that i would like to prevent

Although i received the same message, i’m sure not gonna try it for now. You better contact Athom support i guess.

Same here.
But then I went into “Apps—>Nest—>Configure app—>Authorize Homey to use your Nest Devices” I login to my Nest account and then the red exclamation marks disappeared.
Maybe try restarting Homey and if no joy contact support.

Yep works here also again.

Close the treat please