Neo coolcam powerplug

Ahh… I experienced the same with the newest plug. Anyone has an idea or the app software can work around this issue? Or just wait before a newer version of the plug will be there?
Or is there a possibility of a firmware upgrade?

I just read the smartthings forum and they say the same. I’m dealing with neo now. Hopefully they send me new plugs of V2 without issues. I asked if they still have V1 in storage because its only 3 weeks since I got one that was V1

Edit: Neo said i could just return the plugs if they dont work.

Maybe its not even relevant, but this is what the smartthings forum found out:

The old model supports values 1-100% the new model supports 0.01A - 16A (1-1600) and 50% of 1600 is 800.
It’s just the pending change calculation that has an issue, but I’ll post another test version shortly that will hopefully solve the problem.
Update: I finally found the problem so I’ll have the new version posted to GitHub shortly.

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just some info here. got 4 powerplugs in and all four were faulty. for the ones i could connect i saw they had different firmwares (2.21 , 2.23 and 2.80)
i am a bit wondering if that would make them working or not since the led worked on two of them but no power and also not able to add them properly.

two did not even passthrough power and one worked until a bit power was drawn and then it short circuit and kept doing this.

i have a neocoolcam that has the same manufacturing id, product type id and product id which works fine so i wouldn’t thought i would get 4 faulty ones.
Now maybe thinking of another brand to use so if someone knows another brand that mostly works fine besided the Fibaro devices.

I would like to know as well, how to find out if I have a V1 or V2 model. How can I check this. I bought this one: NAS-WR01ZE

I added a new NEO powerplug and selected it as v2 as the new device because I didn’t know if it was a v1 or v2.

After it included, the name given by Homey was something like “NEO powerplug v1”…

So, that was easy in my case!

OK I could try that as well. And once you knew it was v1, did you had to delete the device and add it again as a NEO Coolcam powerplug v1? Or will it just work when adding the device as v2?

I believe it doesnt matter what you select when adding it. Homey automaticly select the right one.

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Yes, it will work fine!

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Go to the devices section on the Developer page and take a look at the plug’s values. You could also do that by opening the devices advanced settings via the mobile app.

V1 has:

V2 has:

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Hello, i am using several Neo Coolcam powerplugs for mesh purposes and power monitoring.
Since yesterday the powerplug on my tumble dryer is giving occasional power peaks of around 350 kW
anyone have an idea what might cause this?

Some seem to have this . The cause hasn’t been really clear but it’s ofc a firmware of the device issue but also seems to be caused by something on the electrical net .
The next version of the app should drop any reports that are out of bound . Hope it will be available in the next weeks

Have that issue too. As the spike value was always tthe same, I adapted flows accordingly.

So in the AND section I placed a logic card “value is not exactly…”