Neo coolcam pir v1 en v2

I have updated homey to 5.0 and since then I noticed that the status of the pirs are not updates in the right way. The exclamation mark in the icon stays there even, when it was half an hour ago since the last motion detected. Also there is a difference in the history of last movement and when you tap on beneath the icon to see the last movement. Is this something with the app or Homey 5.0? I also noticed that this doesnt occur all the time. Neo app version 2.1.8

The problems have also been reported by other users.
I have version 2.1.6 and have no problems.

Maybe you can find more answers here.

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Thanx, where can I find 2.1.6? In Homey App Store I see v2.1.3 . In community App Store 2.1.8

Version 2.1.6 is an older beta version. I do not know if this version can still be installed.
Maybe you should ask the developer @MarcoRuiter.

I see 2.1.4 in the Community AppStore. There is a dropdown for it.
Don’t see 2.1.6 tho.


Ow, i believe u m8. It’s just that i couldn’t find that version and wanted to point out the drop-down on the Community Store.