Neo Coolcam PIR, determine type

I have a Homey Pro and several Neo Coolcam Z-Wave PIRs

Recently I bought 4 additional Z-Wave PIRs of Marktplaats. I was able to add one immediately, but the other 3 do not get paired at all.
If I hold the button for 10 seconds the LED doesn’t blink like I see in the online manuals.
The three that don’t connect have a QR code on the side, the one that does work doesn’t. If I scan the QR code it only displays a number.
If I press the button once the LED lights up for about 5 seconds and then is off again. If I quickly press the button 3 times the exact same thing happens.
If I press and hold the button it liights up. After 5 seconds it turns off and immediately lights up again (as I am holding the button of course). Then nothing happens.
Tried inserting the battery while pressing and holding the button.
If it detects movement it blinks twice.

Now Neo Coolcam has 4 versions of the PIRs and they have (I think) Z-Wave, Zigbee and WiFi versions of these.
I have tried adding it using my phone using the Neo Coolcam Z-Wave app in the same way as I installed the previous ones. In an effort to see what type it may be I also tried adding them to Tuya on the phone, tried to add them to Tuya Zigbee… Nothing works.

I have searched the forum for similar topics

How can I determine which types these are or have I just been scammed?

To add to it: I have opened one and noticed this.

The fourth on the far right is the one that is working. The box is just the box used to send them to me.

I tried to exclude them from the network using the “Remove any node” option with logging enabled, but still nothing

Is there a chance that these are Z-Wave and Homey Pro only supports Z-Wave Plus?

Z-Wave is a fully backwards compatible protocol, if the higher/newer works, the lower/older will also work 100%.

The qr code is either the 5 number verification code (for including S2 secure devices).
Or should have been a URL to go to.

But if they don’t respond to exclusion from the developer tools, but neither the LEDs blink when pressing the buttons, sounds to me that they are DOA (dead on arrival), or empty/bad batteries.

Thanks for getting back to me!

The LED does blink. But there is no difference in the way it blinks (for all three devices that I cannot connect). If I press the button once the LED lights up for about 5 seconds and if I triple click the button it also lights up for about 5 seconds.

So, to some extend I think I am just not getting it into pairing mode :frowning:

The LED blinks just fine. It is responding in the same way even though I have tried the battery from the one that is working.
They just don’t get into inclusion/exclusion mode.

This still doesn’t let me go.

This seems to be the manual that looks most like one of the two manuals that I received in the box: neo-coolcam-motion-sensor-2.pdf (
What is mentioned on the LED indications also resembles to some extend what I see on the device itself.

However, in the manual in the box Z-Wave is not mentiond. That is why I started looking to find out what type of device it is. Assuming it might be a WiFi device I came across this manual: NAS-PD01W0 WiFi motion sensor User Manual 15_NAS-PD01W0 UserMan SHENZHEN NEO ELECTRONICS (

I have installed the Smart Life app, the Tuya app. I have set my WiFi to 2.4Ghz only, I have used the Smart Life and Tuya apps to scan the QR code… all resulted in nothing.

All three “non functioning” devices behave exactly the same way.

The seller also doesn’t know what to do.

One addition here…
Had a chat with the guy who’s selling some Neo Coolcam WiFi PIRs on Marktplaats. (And is honest about the fact that they’re WiFi): ≥ 4 Neo Coolcam Wifi bewegingsmelders — Alarmsystemen — Marktplaats

He checked for me how those behave as follows: insert battery = LED lights up for about 2 seconds.
Press and hold button for a bit = blinking LED = pairing mode.
So it is different to how mine behave. He doesn’t respond to follow up questions. I can understand that. If this would work, I would be willing to buy the four he has and add them. But I am not looking forward to buying even more that don’t really work.

The lady who sold me mine doesn’t respond anymore at all. That is the risk you run buying second hand devices.

Doesn’t this work? Add Device > Security Sensor > Add Alarm (wifi) or PIR (wifi) and let it search for your device (which is ofcourse in pair mode) on your 2.4GHz only wifi:

For some reason, I don’t seem to get it in pair mode. I tried what you suggested, but it doesn’t work. The Tuya app doesn’t find any new device at all. Also tried scanning the QR code using the Tuya app, but it doesn’t get recognized.

In one of the efforts I have even shut down the 5Ghz network and only enabled the 2.4Ghz network part. During the past weeks I have also added a Calex (also Tuya) light bulb to my Tuya app and with that to my Homey. For that there was no need to switch off 5Ghz.

The main question is still: I know these are Neo Coolcam PIR devices, but I cannot figure out what type of devices they are. WiFi, Zigbee, Z-Wave… The way they act doesn’t resemble anything I have ever seen before nor seen in any manual for Neo Coolcam PIRs. I see the brand is Neo Coolcam, but that’s it.

When I look at their PIR models, it should be a Wifi device. They tell you to use the Tuya phone app … So it seems dead to me, if it can’t be found by the Tuya app

They also have z-wave and zigbee PIR, but they have other housings. You can always try to add your PIR as Zigbee device, but no clue what that would bring you.

The WiFi Motion Sensor (PIR) 01 and the Z-Wave Motion Sensor (PIR) (PIR V1 in the Homey App) looks exactly the same.

Related to the computer chip CC1101. I’m not an electronics engineer, but a Google search for cc1101 gave the following result:
Texas Instruments CC1101 data sheet


So it seems to be a Z-Wave motion sensor. But it is possible that:

  1. the sensors are broken
  2. these are sensors with a frequency of 915 MHz, which is only used in the USA, Israel and Mexico.

How come you think it should be a WiFi device? The Z-Wave devices look the same, right? Well, no one told me to use the Tuya phone app. The four sensors have been sold to me as being Z-Wave devices. Whereas one I can easily see is accepted as Z-Wave device, has no QR code on the side and obviously goes into pairing mode after pressing the button for three times. The other three DO have a QR code on the side, all three of them behave the same after pressing the button (but different from all others I have used)

Then I would need to add it as Tuya Zigbee? Because, if I try to add it as Neo Coolcam it assumes the Z-Wave variant.

That’s what I thought too

I googled it too. And I assumed this meant it is no WiFi. Because then it would have been a chip supporting 2.4GHz. Come to think of it: is it is Zigbee it is also in the 2.4Ghz range, right?

In your conclusion I think I am leaning towards the second option. It would be weird to have 3 out of 4 behave and look different that happen to be broken all three.
Would there be any way to determine if this is a 915Mhz variant?

Right, Zigbee is also 2.4 GHz.
Due to the data sheet and the different design I don’t think that they are Zigbee sensors, but you can just try to pair them as Zigbee device:
Homey Smartphone App → Devices → + → Homey → Zigbee

The easiest way is to use a gateway with 915 MHz frequency. :wink:
And yes, I guess that there are certainly ways to check this without a gateway. But I guess not with simple electronic measuring devices.

I guess that it happens often that users order Z-Wave devices with a wrong frequency at AliExpress & Co. And some unfair as… try to sell them again on a MarketPlace.

Didn’t really think of that. Tried pairing them that way, but doesn’t work. In the same way tried to pair it as a generic Z-Wave device. Doesn’t work either. For starters, because I don’t seem to get it into pairing mode.

Unfortunately I think you’re right. Most people are good people…

I am going to check if pairing mode is different for the US models as well. Perhaps that can shed some additional light on this.

The guy selling the WiFi devices (different marketplace add) was honest about it. He wanted Z-Wave, didn’t look properly and now had WiFi.

In the end I sold them. I have been very upfront and honest:“I couldn’t get them to work, perhaps you can. If you can, you have 3 Z-Wave PIRs for little money. If they don’t…you’re out of luck”
Haven’t heard back, so I guess it’s ok.