Can't include Neo Coolcam pir

Hi all.

I bought a Neo coolcam pir and i can’t include or exclude it. The seller has told me as i am in Australia the 868 frequency wont work.
I thought homey worked with all frequencies. One of the reasons i bought it.
Any ideas?

If you have buyed it in australia i saume you have the right zwave frequency. If you buyed it from athoms website you should have tell them that you from australia so the can send it with right zwave frequency.

Nice website about the zwave regions around the world

So in short homey and your device must have the same frequency

But i thought homey worked with all frequencies. It states it works with 868. So why cant i use 868?

In ur developer tools u can find the hardware region for ur Homey. Mine is saying:

which has according the link Roy just gave 868.4 MHz, 869.85 MHz
Yours is possibly:

So there u can see the 868 is not gonna work on ur Homey like the seller stated:

As explaned, the zwave frequency must be the same as your device.

But could be me explaning things wrong, there for i blame amstel and carlsberg :joy::joy:

Otherwise ask one of our Australian friends @Jamie or @danone .

Indeed homey works with all frequencies. But the frequencies it uses are depending on allowed frequencies in your country. Don’t know if RF 868 is allowed or used there, but Z-wave in Australia is definitely not 868Mhz.

Shouldn’t be a problem though, as long as you buy Z-wave devices for the frequency your Homey supports. But that may be illegal in your country if the used frequency isn’t allowed.

So if your Homey is for Australia, you shouldn’t buy EU devices in China, only AU capable devices and vice versa.

Hey mate, as @Rocodamelshekima said, I live in Oz.
Here down under the z-wave frequency is 921.4MHz.

Unless you have purchased you Homey from an European store, then it will only work with 921.4MHz z-wave devices. So you should have listen to the seller of your Neo PIR. The 868MHz does not work here. Also, if you buy a Homey from Athom, it is illegal for them to sell it with the wrong frequency in Australia. So even if you got it from Athom direct, then it definitely came with 921.4MHz.

Did you buy from eBay? Get it from Australian stores and for sure it will come with the right frequency.

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Hi Danone.
I bought it in oz.
Just disappointed that part of the reason i bought the home coz it said it worked with all. So i thought i would be less restricted.
I bought the pir from neos ali store so had no idea i could order a specific frequency.

Trust me, I wished I could buy my z-wave devices from Europe or Ali Express. First, way bigger variety and second, much cheaper than buying from Australia.
We can only blame the government bodies that decided Australia/NZ should be different than the rest of the world. I guess same applies for many other regions, if you check the above link you will see the world is all over the place.
Not just Homey, but you would have had the same issue with every single other z-wave controller.

I hope that you’ve only purchased one unit and not a whole bunch of them…
And next time if in doubt, just do a search on this forum and if no answer found then write a question, there is a whole bunch of nice chaps here willing to help.
Last one, jump on Slack, plenty of discussions there and there is an Australian channel, too.