Need to move away from Vera - Is Homey Pro the way to go?

Hi all,

New user here. I’ve been using a Vera Plus for the last 4.5 years. Ever since then, the Vera platform has been unreliable for many different reasons, and although I’ve learned to workaround many of its issues, I’m finally fed up and want to move away. I use the Vera for many automations such as season-based control of pool filters pump control, shades, water heating, exterior lighting, pathway lighting inside the house, presence simulation and many other things. I use Z-wave mostly, but also control other devices through it the Vera, using webhooks (such as a door opener) and API connections, such as with Danalocks, Netatmo cameras and weather station, etc.

I do this currently using Reactor, which is an excellent third-party app and have used others to do the same, such as PLEG. I have programmed a bit of LUA as well, so I would describe myself as a power user with a fairly sophisticated house from an automation point of view.

Finally, I have no interest in Google or Amazon’s assistants, I’m not into voice control at all, so that is not a deciding factor.

But I’m getting sort of desperate to move away from Vera, which I believe to be a dead end, and will sooner rather than later, whither away as Ezlo is moving slowly and unreliably towards their new Ezlo platform which appears to be even worse than Vera.

So, based on this description, is the Homey Pro a good choice for me? I’m mostly looking for reliability, wide compatibility with my existing gear, solid and sophisticated automation logic and long-term development and maintenance of the platform.

Have used Homey Pro for a couple of years and it have worked fine. Bought a Philips Hue lamp that was not supported and send a mail to the developer and after a few weeks it was supported. You can check all apps that exists by clicking om Apps down at the start side.

I had the excact same issue as you do. I was a longtime Vera-user, and was kind of satisfied with the product in the beginning. But after the company became Ezlo everything seemed to fall apart, and I made the switch to Homey Pro. Over all I’m very happy with Homey Pro, but I miss the powerful tool that PLEG
and Reactor was on Vera.

If you miss Reactor/PLEG, does that mean there are tasks that you are unable to program with the Homey tools/apps? Could you give any examples.

All app support is either done by Athom, vendors or community developers. They can be checked at the athom app site ( Z-wave is pretty reliable for me with my HomeyPro. Webhooks can be used with Homey too.

All in all i guess the platform and development is pretty stable but there is a tradeoff, home assistant obviously is a lot more customizable. The user community is a lot bigger at HA, it is what you want. I don’t know PLEG and Reactor, but the flows, although highly customizable, are limited to what Athom offers. For example, you can’t have one flow with multiple triggers, you have to split that up. With NodeRED, I understand, you can achieve much more.

Again, It is what you want / need. For me personally there is nothing I can’t do with Homey which I need in regards to flows. I do also run HA but that’s just for my blinds because I can’t get them to be supported by homey.

I have not yet been unable to program any of the tasks that I need, but things that you could do with one job (Flow in Homey) in Reactor will often need three or more jobs (Flows) in Homey. Everything is possible in Homey, but it requires a different approach than what you are used to from Reactor.

Thank you all for taking the time to answer me. Actually I’m also looking at Hubitat as well, I have to take some time to have a read of both forums and check the existing apps and compatibility lists. I think I will end up joining one or the other.

Hi – I am going to get rid of my Vera after Christmas but reading all the problems that people are having its putting me off – which controller did you go for in the end ?

I’ve ordered a Hubitat, should be here today or Monday. Naturally, I have no thoughts to share on that yet. My option was due to, having read through both forums, it appears people are happier with the Hubitat than with the Homey and am really wary of jumping into the wrong ship again, after my 4 year permanent beta experience with Vera.

I had a look at the Hubitat and it looks very good and powerful but wanted something with a better UI and mobile app – after using the Vera for 10 years their UI and mobile app isn’t that great – I have also been looking at the Fibaro Home Centre 3 – going to make a decision in January get Christmas out of the way first

Hi. I also want to move away from Vera. The biggest concern I have is how I will install all of the Z wave switches and outlets that I have, without removing them. Will Homey pro be able to adopt those devices while they are currently installed in Vera. Modules are a different story. They will be easy. I can bring them to the Homey Pro controller. But, the bulk of my devices are installed throughout the house. Any thoughts or suggestions?

This entirely depends on the device used. When you remove the device from the Vera, most devices automatically go into pairing mode. Lots of switches can be put into pairing mode by pressing the switch a number of times. But again; depends on your devices.

Thank you Martjin,
My biggest concerns are the wall switches and dimmers that I adopted in Vera before I installed them in the walls. Will I have to Unwire and remove them to adopt in Homey Pro and then re-wire them at the location? That will be a lot of work.

Why would this be necessary? Most of the time there is a reset switch on the device. Just leave the wires.