Natural sunlight color temperature

I would like to set the color temperature of my bulbs to the natural sunlight color. Is there an app for that? Or some well known algorithm, which would calculate the temperature for specific time and specific geolocation? Or some sensor which could detect current light color temperature?

Here’s some example chart:

Just for the record, I found the app called Sun Events ( It doesn’t have this particular feature, however it does provide information about percentage of sunlight (0% - night, 100% - noon). Based on that, I was able to calculate the estimated color of the sunlight as a percent of what my bulbs can give me. So I have warm white in the morning, then it goes cooler and cooler, it’s cold white at noon, then it goes warmer and warmer and becames warm white at night.

This calculation doesn’t give me exact sunlight color, however it should be good enough for me. I’ll see in the next couple of days how it behaves.

@MarcelT are you the author of Sun Events (well your name match :smiley: ) - maybe calculating sunlight color during the day would be a nice feature in Sun Events? :slight_smile:

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