Myenergi (Zappi EV charger)

Hi there!

Looking for an app to fetch the data from the API of myenergi
It’s pretty well documented so would be fairly easy thing to solve I guess.
I’ve played around with the API a bit and to fetch desired data and to send commands is not that hard, but to have them in the Homey would be sweet.

The thing about the zappi charger is that it’s compatible to charge directly and/or combined from solar panels.
Plus use smart charging while price plunges.

Here’s the API of the zappi charger:

I’ll make an app request for it too…


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Have you come any closer for the Zappi integration?
New to this forum so may have missed it in other posts?


Hi, im afraid not.
I’ve seen it work on Home Assistant and ive also played a bit with it in node red (got to view and set status of the charger and so on) but im no coder so I really hope some tech geek will pick up on this idea of an app for homey on the myenergi.

Would be even better if it was embedded with the entso-e api for price plunging :nerd_face: