Myenergi (Zappi EV charger)

Hi there!

Looking for an app to fetch the data from the API of myenergi
It’s pretty well documented so would be fairly easy thing to solve I guess.
I’ve played around with the API a bit and to fetch desired data and to send commands is not that hard, but to have them in the Homey would be sweet.

The thing about the zappi charger is that it’s compatible to charge directly and/or combined from solar panels.
Plus use smart charging while price plunges.

Here’s the API of the zappi charger:

I’ll make an app request for it too…


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Have you come any closer for the Zappi integration?
New to this forum so may have missed it in other posts?


Hi, im afraid not.
I’ve seen it work on Home Assistant and ive also played a bit with it in node red (got to view and set status of the charger and so on) but im no coder so I really hope some tech geek will pick up on this idea of an app for homey on the myenergi.

Would be even better if it was embedded with the entso-e api for price plunging :nerd_face:

the myenergie app has recently benefited from myenergie changing their back end system. It is now easy to add their devices to homey

I have a “dumb” EV 3 phase charger.

How can the Shelly 3EM be set up to see the energy going through the charger?
Can I use a Shelly 1 to turn the charger on/off through the pilot cable?

Wonder about the amps through a Shelly 1, our Tesla charger has a 32 amp connection and I’m not sure I would put that through a shelly 1

We can not run the power through the Shelly. My thought was to use the switch function and let the pilot cable go through that switch. The pilot cable tells the charger if there is a car connected in the other end…if I got it right.

I would also like the ability to measure the power [W], maybe through a clamp on energy meter?

At this point I would be seeking advice from your charger manufacturer and an electrician

To do the job itself, I can hire an electrician.
But he doesn’t know anything about these components for smart homes.

Since there is still some warranty, the manufacturer won’t tell me how to do it. They want me to buy a completely new smart charger.

Is there way to get stats and information on the current grid power consumption?

Do you have Haarvi?

unfortunately no, just a standalone zappi

You would need something like Haarvi, a clamp system to measure power consumption. I actually though you needed to have Haarvi when you have Zappi, or is it that you need the myEnergie Hub

Yes the Hub comes with the Zappi when installed. The default install also contains a clamp to measure home power consumption. So its has the ability but not sure if this myenergi homey app allows power consumption to be exposed?
I dont have a harvi (not sure what this is), but certain have a hub.

If it’s a myenergi hub and I presume it is then the clamps are probably Harvi. Look at your hub lights and you might see a green light at Harvi

Yes it’s a myenergi hub for sure…and the harvi light is not lit or green.
Not sure what you mean the clamps are harvi?

Btw should add that When I try adding a new device on homey and select myenergi->harvi it doesn’t find anything. Which I wouldn’t expect it to as I clearly don’t have a harvi.

Now that’s interesting. Obviously I don’t know your setup but to have a myenergie hub and a Zappi and a clamp system to measure energy consumption, but one that isn’t myenergie and that can’t communicate with zappi…that seems unusual and doesn’t make sense to me. Curiouser and curiouser. Do you have a means, outside of Homey etc of viewing the clamps measurements?

Think you have misunderstood…
I have exactly the same - zappi, hub and the standard clamp system that came with the zappi. The clamp is hard wired from the zappi and clamped into my mains wires.
I am able to monitor energy consumption on the house (grid) via the myenergi app (see photos).

I also have a homey and currently have the myenergi homey app installed, and setup against my zappi/hub.
When I charge my vehicle, I am able to monitor charging consumption via homey.
However I am not able to view and monitor the energy consumption for the house (grid) like what I can do with the myenergi app.

Hence my post is asking if the myenergi homey app can expose this consumption?

Note, I don’t have a harvi.

You’re correct, I misunderstood. I didn’t know that Zappi came with its own clamp that didn’t register as Harvi. I would suggest that you are more likely to get help via myenergie support than via Homey community. I don’t yet have a Zappi, I intend to have one in the next few months. I had an Eddi installed and that needed Harvi to operate. I bought the hub separately and set it up so that I could see the data via Homey.
In Homey flows, advanced are probably easier for this, what logic variables do you see when you search for Zappi

Most of the main variables are related consumption during charge session (energy, power, current etc). There’s nothing obvious to show the actual ongoing imported consumption from the grid. I’ve even checked the insight graphs and its the same variables related to a charge session.
Must be the case thats its not available?
Would have been nice to get this, that way i could monitor things via the insight homey graphs. I find the myenergi app not that great…