Multiple Motion sensors and Nightmode

I’ve been struggling with some limitations regarding multiple motion sensors, and night mode. Thought I would share my flows.

Some rooms in my house have multiple motion sensors. Additionally I want the brightness at night at 20%.

There is 1 app required to make this work: Virtual Devices (and countdown, but this is included right?). The reason I need Virtual Devices is not for the motion sensors, but rather the Lights since the Hue app supplied by Athom doesn’t support brightness. Initially I used this app for the motion sensors as well, but it has a few drawbacks. Mainly it polls the devices which causes a delay up to 3 seconds which is unacceptable for light.

For my Living room I have an additional flow to take care of the luminance in the room, this includes some Homeyscript. If anyone is interested I will share the flow once I’m happy with it.