MQTT with Homey published value problem

Hi all :slight_smile:

We say the device have the value 4 for a fan level and i try to publish value 3 i see the value change in iobroker webUi (no sound of device) for 2-3 seconds and jump back to 4, but if i change it manually in iobroker webUi i hear a sound on the device and its working.

Same problem when i try to publish with MQTT Explorer

Where is my fault ?


Help :sweat:

How is your question related to Homey? It’s not clear how exactly everything (device, ioBroker, MQTT broker, Homey) fits together.

I use the Homey MQTT Client which is connected to iobroker broker, i try in the homey MQTT Client app to publish a value to a device in Inbroker

Is this connecten clear ?

If you only use Homey to send a message through the MQTT Client app, and the value jumps back, the problem is not in Homey. There is no automated action/flow in Homey that would revert the value back to its original value.