MQTT , only a part of the topic

hello can anyone help me , i have a mqtt broker running and in one topic i get multiple stats “humidity”=“34”;“temp”=“23”;…

how can i filter that i can use only for example the temp value?

You can use this Logics flowcard

I saved a string in a variable, and it only returns the value of value2 (which could be temp or humidity in your case)

In use with message trigger of MQTT Client, you can do something like this:

The described format isn’t JSON, though.

I thought it was an input error (“verkeerd overgetikt”) :face_with_hand_over_mouth: while MQTT can use JSON format.
We’ll find out later :wink:

MQTT is format-agnostic, it can use pretty much anything.

i don t have the flow card parse when i create a new advanced flow :thinking:

It’s an action (Then) card, I guess you looked at the And cards category?
How to spot: It has only one output ‘nipple’, so it can’t be an ‘And’ card.