MQTT NodeRed values

I want to use a color picker in NodeRed to change a RGB Color light
I see via MQTT Explorer the message,
but have no idea how to set the color in homey

The mqtt client can read topics. Triggering a flow with mqtt client card “Trigger when a message is received on …” you can set the corresponding color to a device. In short.

A random flow:

thanks, but this shows how to fill a variable with a MQTT value
but how to I set this on this device

there is no “variable” option

If the topic “text” contains only numbers, you can create a numeric variable from the text variable [message received from]

Example to “Convert” a textvar which holds only numbers, to a numvar:

If numvar changes, set color to the value stored in [numvar]:

Probably this app is interesting to you

Hi Peter
Thanks, i’ve found this, and it’s working
i’m just wondering why this is not possible in1 flow…

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You’re welcome.

Yea, I left it for you to figure out :grimacing:
It is possible, but is it better

There’s a disadvantage:
As you can see, there’s a delay needed.
While the shortest delay possible is ONE whole second, using 2 flows makes it respond quicker.
In the previous 2 flow example, the 2nd flow fires as soon as the numeric var has changed…


that’s great for my Sauna use-case
I change the color according the temperature every 10 sec!

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