MQTT Hub/Gateway

Hey. Just wanted you to notice the requirement that gbridge has regarding Lastwill. I don’t really understand it honestly but see the thread about gbridge and Google home :slight_smile:

It’s already implemented (settings not yet available).

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As long as the topic is choosable it looks great! :+1::grin:

I made some changes in settings to get more control over all topics (homie, custom, ha discovery, etc.)

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If you can make this work with gBridge… I’ll donate to you too

@KonradWalsh I followed the other thread, but what has to be implemented for the HUB to get things working?
If it’s only the birth & last will messages, these will be available soon (configurable).

I think… Think…

It needs to send all the devices info to gBridge…

@pkappelt will know better

@KonradWalsh I didn’t look at gBridge (yet), but in my understanding it’s already possible to connect gBridge with Homey by using the MQTT Hub with an external broker (mosquitto, cloudmqtt, HiveMQ, …). @Camelen and @xAPPO both got this working?

The problem was/is a direct connection with the internal mqtt broker of gBridge. This can be solved by sending the correct birth & last will messages (already implemented, available soon)?
When setting the correct device topics in gBridge (follow the homie convention), you should be able to connect all your devices?

Please correct me if I’m wrong!

Is there anything I can do (within the hub) to simplify the process?

I’m waiting for athom to approve the update to MQTT client. When that’s done I’ll try to bypass my mosquitto server and make a direct connection to gBridge.

My expectation is that it will work with no adjustment to MQTT Hub. But before I’ve tried I can’t be sure.

I installed @scanno new version in github. Yes gBridge connects now and I can capture things using flows. I cant figure out how to send changes to keep gBridge status updated but nonetheless gBridge does connect to the new MQTT Client

The hub broadcasts all device state changes (no flow cards needed). You just need to point gBridge to the correct topics I think.

Ok… I’ll play with that and see what I can do

You can’t alter how gBridge organises it’s topics so you have to alter how MQTT-Hub sends them by setting the ROOT topic to gBridge and your DEVICEID to your gBridge userID.

This is within the homie3 spec but possibly means devices won’t be discovered by apps like openHAB as they expect a root topic named ‘homie’

I didn’t know that openHAB expects “homie” to discover.

But you should be able to add it manually to openHAB by specifying the correct root topic and deviceid right?

Indeed if you can configure the root topic in openHAB that should work otherwise the default would be ‘homie’. The userID should be OK as is.

I’m assuming gBridge allows creation of all the other sub topics. Using the gBridge MQTT broker creates a cloud dependency of course which slows things down. Bridging a local broker would be my recommendation.

Ahh no… (gBridge does not support the homie3 spec). Instead you will have to manually create the devices through gBridge. It just means that the status and control topics are linked.

Also the default topics gBridge suggests are misleading - the /set subtopic should be on the Action topic not the Status - there is more info 4 posts below and also in the gBridge thread in this community

Meaning… gBridge will then auto create the relevant devices? I am doubtful because it didnt work for me… but I might have done it wrong… maybe @pkappelt can chime in here

No gBridge will not auto create devices. You need to create each device yourself.

But for this to work you need to set the correct ROOT TOPIC and DEVICEID in MQTT-Hub.
And those values are chosen by gBridge and should be as xAPPO writes
u123 (exchange 123 to your username)

so if I have a device in Homey called
Window Lights

I would create a device in gBridge called Window Lights and set the topic to be /window_lights/onoff


In that scenario you would:

Create a device in gBridge, the name of the device is not important in the connection to Homey but should be chosen to something you’d like to say.

After it’s created you go into the device and edit the ACTION topic and STATUS topic

ACTION topic (for onoff capabilities) should be:

STATUS topic should be:

so I did this in GBridge

Light: Window Lights
Features and MQTT-Topics:
On and Off


in MQTT Hub I have

ROOT TOPIC = gbridge
Device ID = my u*** id from gBridge
Include Class and Include Zone unticked or off

I hit the switch in Homey and it doesnt replicate to gBridge