MQTT client

Anyone who knows if this is a bug?
My MQTT hub is broadcasting some motion sensors and I need to restart MQTT client ones every hour because the flow with “receive tropic trigger” stop working when I see this message in MQTT client “we are not waiting for this tropic”!

After a reboot of the app it works fine.


I think the “We are not waiting for this topic” message is a red herring: it’s printed when a message comes in on a topic for which no trigger exists, which isn’t an error (merely informative).

Looking at the log, you have a trigger on homey/mqtt/$stats/uptime, but I don’t see any messages coming in for that topic.

It works fine for a little while but then it just stops working. Do you have any clue what the problem can be? Maybe broker app on homey?

You could try using a separate MQTT client application (for Windows/Mac/Linux) to see if messages are actually coming in.

Hi, how can I set up the certificate for TLS connection of the MQTT client, if the broker is running outside of homey?

The MQTT client seems to stop often, In the log I can not detect anything wrong, but I need to restart the MQTT client app regulary.

I also mad a flow to restart the app when crashing, but that flow does not seem to work, there is I think not a real crash reported by Homey of the app.

I have 2 crash reports:

Hub seems to stay working. Mosquitto is running on a Pi and is also used for a node-red dashboard.
Hub is configured as a custom one and does not do home assistant discovery.