Motion sensors do trigger an motion alarm, but they don't trigger actions

I am quite new with Homey. and i have a Homey Pro 2023 Ihave a problem with Aqara and Ikea motion sensors.
They do detect motion, ( i can see the yellow ! in devices) but the required action does nt happen. Any idea’s?
So in this example it doesn’t switch on the lights, and no push action will be sent. when i test it it works normal as expected

Scherm­afbeelding 2023-07-07 om 01.19.47

by the way, with an Philips motion sensor i have no problems

This is because you are using a “then” flowcard to start the flow. That is not possible. Change your first card to an “if” flowcard.

A tip as a bonus: with your current flow, the lights will always turn off after 30 seconds. Even if the motion sensor is triggered again. I would suggest to make use of the card when the motion sensor has turned off to turn off the lights. This way the lights will remain in sync with the motion sensor.


Also, the “send push notification” card isn’t connected.

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Some examples of motion- or zone driven flows here: