Motion sensor auto off flow not working

I have setup the following flows to turn on(flow #1) and off(flow #2) light with Aqara motion sensor(disable motion alarm after 60s) and Fibaro relay switch.
My problem is the auto off flow does not work if I turned the light on manually either with wall switch or Fibaro relay. It only works if flow #1 is triggered first, i.e, sensor has to change from “on” state to “off” state, not working if light was turned on while sensor was “off” state. Hope that makes sense.
Before receiving my Homey today, I had the same relay and a fibaro sensor setup at the same location with same logic on Fibaro HC2, that auto off scene worked no matter how the light was turned on. On the HC2, there is an option “if sensor not tripped for xx seconds” which does the trick.

The logic I’d like to achieve is to turn the light off if no motion is detected in the past XX seconds.

Currently I also use the HC2 from Fibaro, but I’m checking if I can get the basic scenes realized with the Homey as well. So I can’t try it myself or show you screenshots.

Concerning light scenes in combination with a motion sensor there are already several posts.
This post is referred to several times: [Simple] Lights turning on/off based on motion

Maybe this will help you.


If you can post the flows, we can help check if something is wrong in the flow.