Motion: lights on for 3 minutes, if there is motion again within 3 minutes: set the timer again for 3 minutes

This seems very simple, when there is motion turn on the lights and turn them off when there is no motion for 3 minutes. But somehow I don’t seem to get it. I have this (there is a else for day vs night).
But now the timer is counting down, and not resetting when there is motion again.

Here are few hints…

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Hint 3

Hint 4

Check out the timer app. For simple motion switching it has everything in one card
No need to det up timers on anything

I tried the timer app today. Actually a good idea, but unfortunately my Fibaro Walli Switch is not supported. Maybe it is because it is a double switch.
I reported the problem in GitHub, but it seems that the app hasn’t been updated for a while, which would be a shame.

Edit: The developer has already replied on GitHub and will look into the problem if he has time.

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