Advanced flow for lights

Hi, I’m new to this and like to have som help to get started.

Want to turn lights on when motion is trigged and keep them on when someone is in the room, but when they leave the room the light should turn of after 3 min, don’t’ understand how to do the countdown.

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Please look at fe [Tutorial] Simple movement-triggered automatic light with zone activity cards (just 2 flows!)

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Amazing example, I like it!

Here is the short advanced flow format for your question.

Hi try watch this video, it very good and your lights will work well . Works using the countdown app as shown in the video or the chronograph app, which is what I use.

Thanks, it was exactly that I was looking for.

Hi Jim, Tom here. Keep in mind that a hue sensor only reports the lux value every couple of minutes! This is because the battery will be empty soon. So for this i use a sensor that can use a power adapter. Then you can set the report time to seconds if you want. Furthermore keep in mind that if you turn on a light the lux value will increase. This can also be an issue in combination with the report time. I prefer using the activity function of homey. This means you will have to make zones or rooms in your house. No countdown app needed. Less traffic on homey, always better. The delay can be set within homey but with 0, 1, 5 minutes etc. So 2 minutes is not possible.

Hi Tom . Yes I use zone became active and zone became inactive for in my flow for my living room lights.really need to use a presence sensor instead of motion one.