Motion Light Flow

Hi I’m needing help to create a flow that

When motion detected turns on gym light. I’m using a fibaro motion sensor.

When I’m in the gym and I Manually turn the light off to do a workout I want it to stay off until my workout is finished and I leave the gym.

When I enter the gym again I want to come back on as per the opening sentence.

Help appreciated.

You probably need another sensor to detect when you come-in/go-out

A similar task (Fibaro Dimmer 2 + Fibaro MS) I solved in this way.
Dimmer 2 is connected to a double switch. One push button is connected to S1 and the another one to S2.

Usually the light will be switched on by motion and no motion switched of (using a timer).
If I don’t want switch the light off automaticly, I push the button conected to S2 and deactivate in this way the flow that is responsible to switch of the light.
By switching the light off manually the flow will be activated again.

Maybe this can be an inspiration for you to find a solution for your task.

My lights have a dimmer 2 already installed, this could be very interesting.

Could you show me your flows please and I think I know how to wire the 2nd switch.

You just need to remember the manual off in a logic variable and then reset the variable once the zone became inactive and voila.

Flow 1 to 4 is more or less a standard for my Light automatic.
Flow 5 and 6 to deactivate/ activate the automatic switch off.

Flow 1
When Motion alarm goes on
And light is off
Then switch light on

Flow 2
When motion alarm goes off
And Light is on
Then start Timer with 120s

Flow 3
When Timer reaches O
And no motion
Then switch light off
Start Timer with 120s

Flow 4
When light is switched on
And no motion
Then start timer with 120s

Flow 5
When S2 1-Klick
And Light is on
Then deactivate Flow 3
Deactivate Flow 3
And switch light on

Flow 6
When light switched off
And Flow 3 is deactivated
Then activate Flow 3

The same you can do to prevent the light to be switched on automatically.

Flow 5*
When S2 1-Klick
And Light is on
Then deactivate Flow 1
And switch light off
Deactivate Flow 1

Flow 6*
When light switched on
And Flow 1 is deactivated
Then activate Flow 1

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Could you give more info

Thanks for your help