Mökki talvella: Kuitu ja kotiautomaatio turvaavat mökin talvehtimisen


Kirjoitin LinkedIniin jutun miten mökkiä hallitaan kotiautomaation avulla. Juttu ei sinänsä ole mikään tarkka ohje miten tämän voi tehdä. Vaan enemmänkin juttu, joka saattaa innostaa lisää porukkaa kotiautomaation pariin. Juttu löytyy myös Englanniksi käännettynä.


Thank you for sharing, it is amazing how you have gone through the evolution and home control.

Just a tip in the example flow you provided for WC, though I fully understand it was a mere illustration.
It does not actually work well with a delay card, if you realise the delay card will always turn the light off exactly 5 minutes after each motion, even if there was a second motion 1 minute later and possibly a few more motions.

Here are two ways to deal with it:

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Thanks for the improvement suggestions. That own model of the WC lights was very simple. And you shouldn’t do it that way, because otherwise it can happen that the lights go off prematurely. :grin:

Yes indeed and since you use z-wave (but this holds for any wireless broadcasts), the best practice is to always check if a light is off, before turning it on and vice versa.

It saves unneeded wireless broadcasts flying around and makes your Homey more efficient. :wink:

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