Microbot Push "Make Dumb Devices Smart"

This is what Wikipedia says about Z-Wave:

I’m pretty sure that no one is getting that range with their Homey, not even close :wink:

And I don’t think that the rewrite will have any effect on its range, they need to rewrite it because the current implementation simply doesn’t support all BLE features.

Yes, agree. Zwave’s power however is limited to something in mW. Whereas BLE’s power is limited to 0,5 or 1W or something. Should/Could be a clear indication of the to-be-expected range.
Probably BLE is way better than zWave.

You don’t need to implement the hub, since you can connect that to IFTTT and connect IFTTT to Homey.
But I think it would be nice to be able to use the Microbots without hub. My hub is in the closet just 1.5 meters away from Homey so I would use the direct approach myself.

However, have you been able to order one somewhere in Europe?

I ordered them from their Kickstarter. And had to pay import rights, which made them really expensive… :frowning:

For example you can use: https://www.myus.com/nl/ what is called a huifkar service in Dutch.

Perfect! Good to know, thank you!

Any news on making the app @robertklep? Or is it ditched?

It’s ditched. At the time I wasn’t able to get the device working at all; at the moment, there are some open source libraries that should support it, but I have since given up on Homey (development) so it won’t be me implementing support for it.

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It’s near impossible to buy in europe i believe

It was possible to order them through the website, but they were not cheap, shipping costs were high and I also had to pay customs.

Currently there is no available app for your smartphone and their Prota system that used to be able to control the bots, is down. It seems the company went bankrupt and a new company has taken it over, they sent out an email that news is coming soon.

I doubt the old microbots will still work. Currently all of them are worthless. I’ve already thrown away the Prota box since it didn’t work. Got some microbots laying around but I think they are also useless.

I really liked the design though. It was the best one out there. Well thought through…

Is this the one you mean?

Nope. Switchbot is crappy design

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But works very well with Homey via IFTTT

Yes, but:


So many things are wrong with this picture…

Yeah, looks like shit, but makes great coffee. Smart home is not always nice, but it is often useful. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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